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  1. Thank you for standing up and let God speak through you.
    This is the truth we need.
    I am truly blessed with these lessons which are the foundation and the pillars of our faith.

  2. Thank you for helping me understand the God we serve. I would like to thank you for all your study notes too. Praise the Lord forever more…

    1. A lot of people are going back to sacred names, but as far as I can tell, Christ, Jesus, the Son, Lord, Shepherd, Prince, Bishop of our Souls, and many other names have been given to Jesus–the Son of God. In fact, I have found over 250 names in the KJV that could apply to Jesus Christ, so my answer is yes. Jesus is one of the names given to the Son of God.

  3. God is using this ministry to reveal truths that have been disregarded since our forefathers have been laid to sleep. Blessings to you all and may God continue to use you for that which brings the shaking into reality.

  4. I’m truly blessed by this ministry. I’ve been 29 yrs as an SDA, but only through this ministry that I am slowly understanding the God and Jesus that we serve. I look forward to meeting you Pastor Daniel Mesa & bro. Allen Davis. Thank you for your faithfulness. I’m following you online. In Christ- Alex, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

  5. “There are three things you can’t hide for very long, the sun, the Moon and the truth” Confucius. Glory be to God my father and your father and His son Jesus Christ….. Felix From Kenya. The truth is spreading

  6. Hi.
    Greetings in the name of Jesus our savior.
    My name is Elliot, I’m writing from South Africa (Johannesburg).
    How can I get hold of Pastor in South Africa that does not believe in catholic trinity?

    And also can you please advise I haven’t been paying tithe ever since I found out about the apostasy that is in our church.
    Was that a good move I took?
    You can also use this email address to contact me back.


  7. Thanks very much for the respond , really helps.

    I have just had a meeting with the Elders and the Pastor in the local church regarding the Trinity.

    And the meeting which was suppose to be a study ended being counselling and was told to keep my conviction to myself about the trinity because if I discuss it to members of the church I might leaven the members and divide the church .

    The Pastor refused to give me a study based on the bible and the spirit of prophecy , he said the only way to resolve this is if he bring other sources from a theological perspective.

    Please advice. How can I get this message across

    1. So sorry! I have been through many of those very awkward meetings. I pray you will have the spirit of Christ while you are interacting, as this will be one of the greatest witnesses for truth! Praying.

    1. We will pray for your wife. Please know that we hope all who follow on to know the truth could bring their families along, but many times God can only get to the hearts of some, not all. Our best desires and prayers heading your way!

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